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Short bio

Jeremy Borum is a film composer first, but he is also a producer, performer, and orchestrator. His film credits include The Need For Speed, Smurfs 2, American Gangster, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Disney's Enchanted. He has contributed to 35 albums as a performer, producer, or music copyist and has collaborated with artists like Alan Menken, Stewart Copeland, Pete Townshend, Bill Brown, and Tyler Bates. He has worked globally with major orchestras like the Dallas Symphony and Chicago Symphony in the USA, Prague Philharmonic in Czech Republic, Canberra Symphony in Australia, Hollywood studio orchestras, and the Polish National Radio Symphony. As a player he has performed in about 30 countries to crowds as large as 80,000. He has also worked for most of the major sheet music music publishers in the world, arranging and engraving sheet music for hundreds of books and thousands of individual titles that are available online and in print worldwide.

Jeremy is sponsored by FXPansion, plays Roland keyboards, and has a love of antique instruments.

Verbose bio

The piano is from 1906.  The tube-powered metronome is from 1964.  I'll tell you my age, but you have to guess first.

As a composer and performer I love the collaborative process. I enjoy being part of a good team, I'm rarely the one in the spotlight, and I love to use my skills to draw attention to the focal point. Whether that focal point is the plot of a movie or the front man in a band I enjoy the way in which artistic visions meet and sometimes collide on the way towards art.

My main focus is as a film composer and orchestrator. Film directors and fellow composers both challenge me in new ways on every project, and I enjoy film related work immensely. Related to this I also arrange and orchestrate for bands, bringing a sophisticated orchestral sound into the pop/rock world. I have done this both for live tours and album recording projects, and I also produce in recording sessions frequently. I am a contributing composer for a few different production music libraries for film and television.
I'm a pencil and paper guy when the schedule allows it.

I am also a music engraver and music copyist and have produced manuscripts for many major music publishers, performing groups, and scoring sessions. My score preparation work is published in hundreds of books and thousands of individual sheet music titles. I a co-founder of the sheet music publisher ZMX Music, which is creating a truly modern business model for sheet music publishing and is also helping musicians to self-publish their music more easily than ever before.

My studio is in Glendale, CA, where I write and produce most of my film scores. It can accommodate mid size recording sessions and has a 1906 grand piano, a 1943 Hammond organ, a 1955 Wurlitzer, custom preamps, HD gear, sophisticated sampling capabilities, and all the other trappings of modern studios.

I earned degrees or certificates in music from University of California, Davis, the Australian National University in Canberra, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and the Colburn School of Music.

My wonderful work space and built-in equipment racks. The wide angle lens makes the grand piano look small.  My butler is named Mr. Winston, and he really is small. My favorite corner of the studio.
The vintage corner.  1943 Hammond organ, early 70's Teac reel to reel, late 60's 8mm and 16mm projectors, and CDs. I designed and built my custom workstation with pull-out keyboard tray.

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