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December 1, 2014 - Orchestrating TWO operas
I am now orchestrating not one, but TWO operas at the same time. Both are full length operas for orchestra, one by Stewart Copeland and one by Mark Abel. Together they represent several thousand pages of orchestration and score preparation, so I'll have my hands full for quite a while!

Neko Case November 21, 2015 - ZMX signs Neko Case
ZMX Music has just signed singer songwriter Neko Case, and we're very happy to add her to our roster of ZMX artists. We will be creating sheet music for her most popular songs and publishing them through our own channels, on her website, and on

November 20, 2015 - Scoring for Robert Rollins
I am beginning my sixth film score for director Robert Rollins for a film titled "Fortunes Fools." I have been Robert's composer for 7 years now, and it's more fun to work with him every time. It's truly a pleasure to have such a long standing creative partnership. The film will be released late in 2015.

Pictured (L-R): Executive producer Derek Power; BMI's Doreen Ringer-Ross; BMI composer Stewart Copeland; Music Sales' Peggy Monastra; conductor Richard Kaufman and Opus 3 Artists agent Neil Benson. November 5, 2014 - Ben Hur Chicago a huge success
The recent show with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was a great success, and more opportunities are coming from it. The thousands of pages of music were trouble free and didn't prompt a single question from the orchestra, which I'm very happy about. We got overwhelmingly positive reviews from publications such as BMI, CSO Sounds, Chicago Splash, The Chigago Sun Times, and The Examiner.

Oct 14, 2014 - Ben Hur at Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Our performance of Ben Hur was so successful at the Virginia Arts Festival that now we're doing the show with one of the best orchestras in the world, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The film is beautifully restored, the orchestra very tightly synched with the film, and the orchestra impressive. This is a small video segment from our show in Norfolk. I was the music copyist and engraver for Schirmer and Stewart Copeland.

Winifred Phillips' book `A Composer's Guide to Game Music' October 9, 2014 - Winifred Phillips & GameSoundCon
I finally got a chance to meet Winifred Phillips, a video game composer and author, in person at GameSoundCon. Her book "A Composer's Guide to Game Music" provides wonderful insight into the processes and possibilities that video game music presents. I was her music copyist and prepared all the music engravings for the musical examples that are in her book, but we had not yet met face to face! GameSoundCon is the premiere convention for video game composers and sound designers, and highly recommended.

Jennifer Hudson's album JHUD Oct 2, 2014 - Jennifer Hudson "It's Your World"
Jennifer Hudson's brand new album JHUD debuted at #2 on Billboard's R&B charts. The biggest hit is "It's Your World" featuring R. Kelly, whom Billboard named the most successful R&B artist of the last 25 years. I created the sheet music for that tune, which Jennifer will use in her live shows while touring the album. I worked with David Foster and Brian Benison.

Lionel Richie 2015 European tour: All The Hits All Night Long Sept 24, 2014 - Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie will have a 2015 tour called All The Hits All Night Long. Due to circumstances that are a total mystery, the headline tune "All Night Long" from 1982 needed to be transcribed and notated URGENTLY. Brian Benison got the call while the guys were IN REHEARSAL, presumably for something connected to the beginning of ticket sales 2 days from now on the 26th. A team of 3 of us knocked out publication quality score and parts for the band which perfectly reflect the way Lionel most recently performed the song, and they got it before the rehearsal was done. The life of a music copyist is strange indeed.

Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers Sept 15, 2014 - Guerrilla Film Scoring Complete!!
Today marks a HUGE accomplishment for me! In the last 5 months I shot 20 hours of interviews, wrote a book, and produced 90 minutes of educational video content. "Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers" is now complete, delivered to my publisher, and out of my hands. I'm very proud of it and excited to give birth to my first book soon.

Sept 5, 2014 - Jordan Blair and Rewind Publishing
I just completed a set of scores for Jordan Blair, the head of Rewind Publishing, for a large trailer music recording session that will happen in Europe tomorrow. Rewind does high-end top-notch work and it was a pleasure to work with Jordan on this project.

July 12 - Mark Abel opera orchestrations
I'm beginning yet another project with Mark Abel, this time a full length opera for chamber orchestra. For the moment we are only making rehearsal scores for the vocalists, but it will not be long before I am orchestrating the whole opera with him. He has a very unique musical voice and it's always a pleasure to work with him.

June 16, 2014 - Barry Brisk symphony finished
A new symphony by composer Barry Brisk is now finished and ready for its performance by the Beach Cities Symphony Orchestra. I was the music copyist and music engraver for Mr. Brisk, and I also did the printing of his scores and parts. The concert will be November 21 in the Marsee Auditorium at El Camino College.

June 8, 2014 - World Of Warcraft orchestrations
It was a pleasure to once again be a part of the orchestration team with Penka Kouneva as we prepared for more World Of Warcraft scoring sessions. Game composer Neal Acree writes fantastic epic music, and I always enjoy being a part of such massive large-scale projects.

June 2, 2014 - Guerrilla Film Scoring tentative release
My book "Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers", which will be published by Rowman & Littlefield, is now set to be released next spring throughout North America and England, in addition to all of the ebook platforms. An interview-based book, I am very excited and honored to become a published book author with them.

May 23, 2014 - Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Composer Stewart Copeland wrote a percussion concerto that is being performed May 23 by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Part of a concert series called Bringing Down The House, this performance will be the world premiere of "Poltroons In Paradise". It's literally bringing down the house, as it is the last performance before a demolition and renovation of Philharmonic Hall! The Philharmonic will perform it again May 25 at the Perth Concert Hall in Perth, Scotland. I was the music engraver for Stewart and Schirmer, who is the publisher of the sheet music.

Laura James `Why Wouldn't I' May 1, 2014 - Lara James album release
The Lara James album "Why Wouldn't I" was released today, and after a long tease of music videos and singles you can now download the whole album directly from her website. Her clear voice and pop songwriter stylings are fantastic, and I highly recommend you check her out. I did the music copyist work for Lara's recording sessions with producer Jake Schaefer.

April 19, 2014 - Ben Hur an epic success
I have been working with composer Stewart Copeland for the last year on a cinematic show called Ben Hur In Concert. The show is a 70 piece orchestra playing with Stewart as percussion soloist, all in sync to the 1925 silent version of Ben Hur which is being projected behind them. We just had a sold out premiere at the Virginia Arts Festival and it was brilliant! The reviews are saying "pure genius", "visual and musical triumph", and "unexpected and daring". I was the score editor for Stewart and music engraver for Schirmer, our publisher. It was a real pleasure to work on this 90 minute epic. The next show will be with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on October 14.
Stewart Copeland battling the pirates of Ben Hur Our 70 piece orchestra at the Virginia Arts Festival performance of Ben Hur Richard Kaufmann, conductor

April 12, 2014 - Muhammad Ali and Celebrity Fight Night
Muhammad Ali, diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984, has been raising money for Parkinson's research for the last two decades through his foundation Celebrity Fight Night, a charity auction and show. This year was the 29th anniversary and he raised $8 million dollars. I did transcriptions and music copyist work for Kenny Rogers, who also performed in the very first Celebrity Fight Night in 1994, working again with David Foster's and Brian Benison.

Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night

April 11 - Sony's "Misfits" film recording
We completed the recording sessions for a new Sony film titled "Misfits" today. I was one of the orchestrators on the film supporting film composer Fil Eisler with Penka Kouneva. The movie will be released in 2015.

April 4, 2014 - Pete Townshend and Nathan Barr
Pete Townshend, the famous songwriter from The Who, and film composer Nathan Barr co-wrote the song "It Must Be Done," which will be featured in the FX show "The Americans" April 30. I prepared the sheet music for them and also for the show's main title music.

March 27, 2014 - David Foster concerts
I recently completed another batch of transcriptions for David Foster's latest Indonesia tour. They were played first at the Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur, which aired on their national TV networks, and then at David Foster and Friends shows in Jakarta and Surabaya. Brian Benison was the lead music copyist.
SapuraKencana Petroleum Malaysia Grand Prix Gala & Concert, Kuala Lumpur David Foster and his collection of Grammys

Jasmine Chadwick's `This Is Who I Am' March 18, 2014 - Jasmine Chadwick to release new album
Jasmine Chadwick has been busy in the studio and is about to release her much anticipated new album. I recently did the transcriptions and music copyist work for her recording sessions.

The Need For Speed movie March 16, 2014 - Dreamworks "The Need For Speed"
The Dreamworks film "The Need For Speed", based on the extremely popular video game series, was released worldwide Friday in standard and 3D theaters, and it had a fantastic opening weekend. I was one of the orchestrators with Penka Kouneva for film composer Nathan Furst, and we're happy to see the great reviews and enthusiastic attendance. It's a ton of fun, so check it out!

Mark Abel's `Terrain Of The Heart' February 25, 2014 - Mark Abel's "Terrain Of The Heart"
The album "Terrain Of The Heart" was released today, my third album with Mark Abel and Delos Records. It is an album of classical art songs made of three different song cycles, all with Mark's text and music. I was again the score editor and music copyist for Mark.

Viola Steffens sings Hildegard Knef Jan 1, 2014 - Worlds first reggae schlager
One of the most unique albums I have worked on is coming out new years day!

Viola Steffens, the well known actress and musician, hits the scene again with this surprising reinterpretation of Hildegard Knef's music. A German citizen who has lived in Los Angeles for almost two decades, Steffens is uniquely able to deliver a German-Californian fusion that completely transcends the originals.

Composer, orchestrator, and producer Jeremy Borum is a California native and has toured the world extensively in both classical and rock-reggae contexts. He completely re-imagined the old classic songs and created the first ever fusion of German Schlager and California rock-reggae.

In a genre dominated by male leads, Steffens and Borum have created the first ever rock-reggae-schlager led by a woman: an island-ready, feel-good, German-Californian, neo-classic style.

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